"Ride, run and row for culture"
Let’s meet again this year!
Magyar Tavak Fdesztiválja
Open air opera where nature and music meet

If every minute of your time is scheduled and everything around you is noisy and busy, music can bring a relief. But to truly get away from the noise of the city another balm of the soul must be implemented which is the beauty of nature.
Their therapeutic effects used together are the only way to feel their healing powers. If you combine the soul warming properties of music with the love of outdoor activities, it creates such a musical therapy which brings real restoration for the body and soul.
It is a noble and simple thought and yet it includes everything that is the real medicine for the passive, yet stressful lifestyle not to mention the depressive effects of the lockdown we all have known recently.

Relaxing music and happy experiences on the shores of Lake Tisza

Idyllic, beautiful music and four days of self-assuring exercise in nature-This could be prescribed by a doctor to anyone instead of medication. This is the idea that the opera of the nature grandiose music festival is built upon, which became the secret favorite of lovers of culture and of active lifestyle.
For families, colleagues and groups of friends who are truly interested in quality cultural programs the half week-long festival is the highlight of the summer at the end of July when summer shows its best side on the shore of Lake Tisza.
The festival is for the crowd wanting to enjoy the sophisticated joys life offers. It’s for you if you enjoy the metropolitan cultural experiences, especially the classical and other high quality music pieces.
If this is the case then you probably know how the closeness of nature can heighten the experience we have with the free flowing of art within our soul. Most likely you understand the benefits of a healthy, active lifestyle and appreciate it.
How do we know this? First hand, since recently we had 3800 guests just like you, wanting to be in nature and listen to excellent music, participate with their friends and family.
From the positive feedback from our past patrons we have grown our festival to include 10 towns around Lake Tisza and involve them within our extraordinary program: The Opera of the nature.

Vital music and recreation in a one of a kind festival

For more than a half a decade, the ones interested in sophisticated recreation and prestigious, but not unnecessary pretentious cultural programs gather here by themselves or with their groups of friends.
Great for team building, an all-inclusive entertainment opportunity where besides the music you find everything included we look for in life. Great food, fun activities, fresh air, and exercise. Not to mention the quality time spent with friends and family while the kids don’t need to be disciplined while listening to quality music.
While we spend our free time in the best place: In nature listening to super musical pieces without having to sit quietly, it becomes evident for all that the elite culture and the prestigious gatherings are not excluding of one another.
As part of the National Festival Association we are proud that besides the prestigious entertaining throughout corporate social responsibility we represent the human values. Currently we support the Hungarian Cochlear implanted (SINOSZ)

Why it is at the lake Tisza festival that you can enjoy the best days of summer?

Three reasons why you should mark your calendars (with a red heart) for our dates every year:

  • Lake Tisza Festival represents a great array of musical styles in one location providing a complex entertainment opportunity for the whole family.
  • We provide a stress-free arena without age restrictions with a lot of quality music exercise opportunity and in nature
  • High quality recreation without the unnecessary pretentious ploys. From the first moment to the last enjoyable, outdoor classical concerts just as well as a taste of the local gastronomy and exercising opportunity for those not looking for the traditional vocational experiences.

Click here and purchase your ticket today. Let the music play for you under the sky on the shores of Lake Tisza!